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Tips for picking the best house of worship projector

Picking A House Of Worship Projector?

With many Churches and other religious buildings looking to use house of worship projectors during their service, there are some tips to make sure you get the right solution for your house of worship.

house of worship projector

Screen size for your house of worship projector?

This is one of the main factors, how big do you need the projector screen to be? It is best not to guess, so use a tape measure and get the accurate dimensions. So that the house of worship projector can impress the people of the community.


Than next factor is to discover how the far you want the projected image, as a golden rule, double the projector screen is an excellent distance, from the projector to the screen. So if the screen is 10 feet wide, the projector should be around 20 feet away from the screen. This will certainly depend on any space limitations in your house of worship.

Aspect ratio.

This is the projected image shape, either rectangle or square. The most cost effective solution would be to go for a unit that has an aspect ratio of 16:9 or 16:10, this will future proof your investment.

Brightness of the projector.

Most houses of worship are painted white, so the best brightness is a unit with 5,000 lumen. This will provide a crystal clear projected image for congregations up to 150 seated individuals. If the congregation is larger, say 250, you may need to increase the lumen to 7,000, so that everyone can the image in ambient lighting.

What about projection?

Is the House of Worship left unattended at any time, so parishioners can come and pray? In that case a security cage may be the best option, but then again an anti-vandal all one 1 solution may be what you need. At the end of the day, it will come down to budget.

What projectors can do in Houses of Worship?

They can keep the congregation up to speed with the service, reading psalms, singing hymns and community notifications can all be shown on the large screen. Without the added expense of someone having to do any printing, then what happens when the printing machine breaks! Or an expensive toner leaks, one of the sides people will have ink on their hands.

We will see more religious buildings using projectors to interact with the congregation and the wider community. Thus increasing the numbers of the parishioners through the doors, down to the house of worship projector.