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Tips For Church Digital Signage Success

Church digital signage success tips.

Digital signage can be seen in almost every location, now church digital signage is seeing a large increase, due to the amount of interaction with the parishioners and the greater community. Let us look at tips, so you can create a successful church digital signage solution.

church digital signage


When deploying electronic noticeboards in Churches, we have to be sympathetic to the more traditional parishioner, who may take offense at these large screens being installed in the House Of God. It is best to have a brief meeting to explain how these electronic signs will help the Church and inform the community, which in turn will certainly increase the number of worshipers.

Indoor or outside church digital signage?

Many houses of worship have digital signage hardware both indoors and outside, this does come down to budget, however there are lots of benefits.

Outdoor LED memorials are idea to keep the community up to date with the current events happening in the church. These run 24 x 7, with some churches offering sponsors (local businesses) the ability to publicize they support the church. This is usually in the form of a monthly subscription of between $200 and $500 per year. If 20 sponsors support the church and pay for 12 months, the hardware has been paid for, with nearly $4,000 – 6,000 going into the Church funds. LED video walls run for around $3,000 for a 6’ wide x 3’ high screen, including all the hardware to add the content.

Indoor digital signage, these are designed for inside the church, they can be wall mounted or floor standing. Used for updating any fundraising event and promoting it through the community.

The electronic notice boards can be used to celebrate a birth or life of one of the congregation. It can display prays for the sick of the parish, so we keep them dear to our heart. They can also be used to provide future events within the churches calendar.

LCD or Projector?

Some religious buildings prefer to use either high definition flat screen LCD displays, while some prefer to use projectors. This is down to personal choice and the available space required, as the projector solution will take more space than a flat panel display solution.

Screen size for church digital signage.

The standard size of a screen used for church digital signage is 46”- this can either be in landscape or portrait. Yet the most popular unit is a floor standing electronic sign that takes up little room and is updated using a flash drive. Usually nothing larger than 55” is used in any religious establishment.

Content creation.

This is easily achieved with many digital signage software packages, designed for church digital signage. Simply drag and drop and create a very professional campaign for your church. There are many church digital signage software providers, so check them out and do not be afraid of trying the free ones.

We hope you take some of these tips and use them for your church digital signage project.