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The Rise Of London Digital Signage Successes

London digital signage expansion.

Since 2011, we saw a huge introduction to electronic signage, 3 years on the expansion of London digital signage successes are to be seen everywhere. From small stores, through to the world famous West-field Shopping center, digital advertising is everywhere in on top off buildings!

What digital signage examples, can you see in London?

Almost all the well-heeled hotels have some form of electronic signage, from the Hilton hotel chain to the world renowned Intercontinental Hotel Group. These two examples have been the two main factors in London hotel digital signage, both chains have invested in interactive and wall mounted digital signage, giving anyone who visits their hotels an excellent guest experience.

One question, you have to ask, when you are in England’s capital, is how will London digital signage expand in the coming years, it does seem to be nearing saturation point.

London digital signage – retail examples.

London digital signage

Several clothing designs have used digital advertising to engage with consumers and built their brand. These includes Tommy Hilfiger stores that have an interactive adverting window, that people can check stock when the store is closed, order it and collect it the next morning! We have even seen 24 x 7 launderettes use digital signage in London. The laundry management decided that as they offered a 24 x 7 service, they would use digital signage in the window to attract clients when the store door was locked. While people worked behind the scenes to ensure that garments are ready in the 1 hour service window.

Letting agents in London use window based displays to display the properties on their books, which they rent out. This is a growing sector for London digital signage, the ads are looped around.

Tourist attraction signage.

This ranges from Madame Tussaud’s to the Stage Coach buses that travel London, the buses display ads on small screens for local businesses, so when you jump off the bus to investigate an area of London as part of your tour, you are shown outlets that are advertising for the next area to visit.
This can be in the form of QR codes, so they can be scanned by high end cell phones, when the link opens it takes the tourist to a discount coupon page, allowing the tourists money go further.

The Olympic legacy.

Before the 2012 Olympics in London, the Stratford area of London underwent a major regeneration, now this is the center of most of London digital signage, with almost every bar and restaurant having some kind of electronic sign used to promote their food or drink offerings. Even small coffee shops are deploying digital signage in London, it seems to know no bounds.

So from the regeneration of London for the Olympics, the catalyst began and still continues to expand what is known as the London digital signage phenomena.