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LCD Enclosures for Digital Signage and Backyard Protection

LCD enclosures – the summer saver!

When is a backyard not just a backyard…when it’s a home cinema, and in order for this to be the ultimate home cinema experience, an LCD enclosure for digital signage and backyard protection is paramount. Whether you are watching a ball game, movie or concert, creating the right atmosphere with lighting, sound and a fabulous screen will be the envy of your neighbors. But this in turn may cause a problem – namely one of theft and mindless damage due to selfish resentfulness.

LCD enclosures protecting your hardware AND cash!

Why should your hard earned dollar be destroyed by a vandal? Really the answer to protect your property is to encase the outdoor screen with an LCD enclosure. This is also the case for any other application of electronic display screens; only a secure LCD enclosure is adequate enough to withstand a hammer attack, tree branch falling and even a hurricane!

LCD enclosures suit many applications, not just for backyard protection, let’s study some more examples of where they can be found…

  • Shopping malls – indoors and out of doors
  • Large public events – music concerts, sporting venues
  • Religious worship – outside congregational information
  • Car dealerships – promotional advertising
  • Fuel forecourts – advertisements for both in-store and local businesses
  • Theater and cinema entertainment – self serve and ticket collection
  • A transit hub – even a ferry terminal, as it is prone to both sea water and rain
  • And so many, many more…

One of the most common places, many of us will find an electronic display screen, encased in an LCD enclosure will be in a shopping mall. From entering the car park, through to individual stores offering discounts via a touch screen, all the screens will be (or certainly should be!) protected by an LCD enclosure. LCD enclosures come in different sizes and take screens from 36” – measure the screen on the diagonal -up to75”, and there are options for bespoke or custom housing units from www.lcdtvenclosure.com

LCD enclosures

The main reasons for protecting screens with secure LCD enclosures, are;
a) to secure the hardware – from theft and damage
b) to protect the public – from interfering with the screen, cables or using a broken shard of glass from the screen as a weapon
c) to shield the electronic screen from weather damage – we all know water and electrics don’t mix!

But, let’s return to the back yard. It is a restful place – a haven for escapism. Maybe you enjoy watching TV in the hot tub, which you plan on using all year round. It certainly needs enclosing and protecting from condensation generated by the hot water, then there is the rain. Even if you live in a relatively dry state, there will be times of stormy wet weather. And naturally, there is the heat buildup; from both the hardware and the outside temperature, particularly in the summer months and the southern states.

So, as you plan for your outdoor sanctuary; beer in the cooler and TV primed (protected in LCD enclosures, of course), the only thing left to say… is ‘enjoy’!