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Sunlight Readable Screen Enclosures for year round protection.

Sunlight readable screen enclosures, why?

When digital signage is deployed outdoors in bright sunlight, sunlight readable screen enclosures are required to protect the display from failing.

Is this a new fad?

Well if you insist on replacing damaged displays due to them failing a fad, yes it is. What you have to realize is that sunlight readable screen enclosures are there to provide the front line protection for the hardware, accommodated inside.

These protective kiosks, provide the protection from vandalism and theft, so the hardware can run in extreme locations, when the temperature hits a high of 140 degrees Fahrenheit, you have to think of LCD Enclosure Solutions Inc who specialize in manufacturing these outdoor digital signage kiosks.

What do sunlight readable screen enclosures do?

Simply, these outdoor high bright screen totems, ensure that the screen can be seen in high bright locations were the footfall is high. Normal commercial grade screens blacken with prolonged use in direct sunlight; this is when high bright screens are used. These screens such as the ones manufactured by Dynascan have brightness up to 5,000 candelas. That is 12 times brighter than a domestic grade TV display. If you have ever taken a laptop outdoors to work on and struggled to see the screen, this is the problem that sunlight readable screen enclosures solve.

Who needs this type of outdoor digital signage?

Most Quick Serve Restaurants use outdoor advertising screens in their drive thru area, is one high demand industry along with open shopping malls that have a center courtyard.

So any business that has a need to deploy outdoor digital signage displays in direct sunlight; most applications for digital signage come in to this area.
Have you ever been to a location and could not see the display due to the lack of brightness from the display? If you have encountered this, the wrong type of screen has been used and it will only be a matter of a few months before the screen fails completely.

sunlight readable screen enclosures

What makes a sunlight readable screen different?

These displays have a much greater brightness, as much as 12 times the normal domestic TV brightness. But these do put out some heat and have their own cooling system built in, this is why when considering a sunlight readable enclosure, you need to consider one with an air conditioning unit as these provide all the cooling and heating control required to deal with the extreme conditions.

The next thing to consider is how they are to be fixed to the floor; ideally you need to bolt them with at least 10 bolts, to ensure the kiosk can’t be pulled over by vandals or vehicles trying to steal them.

Without a screen the outdoor advertising solution is dead in the water, as the key is to have the content shown to consumers, if they cannot see the screen the ads are not working, this is the reason for sunlight readable screen enclosures.

These protective housings are fitted with anti reflective windows to reduce the glare and the high brightness screens do the rest. Make sure when deciding on a solution that the displays have a gap of around 2″ otherwise the heat between the sunlight readable screen enclosure and the display with have a heat problem. Also if someone throws something at the window, the flex in the window may damage the screens surface. Selecting the correct sunlight readable screen enclosures stops all the above problems.

When you out enjoying the sun, look around to see if you can see any sunlight readable screen enclosures.