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Projectors and the 4K outdoor cinemas

Growth of projectors.

The history of the projector saw itself first in schools, as the old OHP, but with the introduction of projectors within cinemas, we have seen a better customer experience, with the projected image being almost life like.

A walk down memory lane.

If you are of a certain age you will remember the OHP (Over Head Projector), this was common in every classroom of every school across the country. But then the technology made a large jump forward and the projectors became smaller but more powerful.


In the 90’s we saw the main players who manufactured this type of hardware, making solutions for the office environment and then we saw a rise in projectors being used in boardrooms and conference rooms of major corporations across the world. If you did not embrace video conferencing using projectors your company as a dinosaur!

As the OHP died, it did not seem long until the High Definition hardware appears, these has been superseded in the past few years with the 4K hardware. This technology is much more superior to HD imagery, providing very clear and vivid colors.

2000 saw projectors being used in cinemas.

One of the main players in this sector as a global leader is Christie, their projectors are used in both indoor and outdoor cinemas and even government bodies use them for outdoor events.

Now when you go to a drive in movie, check the image quality of the movie and I am certain that you are in for a good experience, as more often than not, the hardware used will be from Christies. Then if the hardware is left outdoors it will more than likely be housed in a secure, weatherproof housing from ProEnc.

A projector from Christies can cost from $30,000 to $125,000, so if you had invested this kind of money in the hardware, you would want to protect it, this is why outdoor projector housings are used, as these protect the hardware from all the elements outside that can cause problems with electronics. The last thing you want is the projector to fail, due to the electronics becoming wet and then having to replace the projector with a new one because adequate protection was not used.

4K projectors

Is the future bright?

Sure it is, with most leading manufacturers looking at 16K technology for the next growth industry. When 16K is launched you will see a massive rush for 4K hardware as the prices will fall almost overnight, making it possible for the everyday guy to purchase the high end hardware associated with multimillion dollar corporations.

Remember to check out the images at the drive in next time and look for the projectors.