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MOOH – Mobile Out Of Home Advertising Solutions

Mobile Out Of Home Advertising.

We have all seen DOOH (Digital Out Of Home Advertising), now the scene is set for Mobile Out of Home Advertising (MOOH). There are several solutions so let us look at them and decide how we can use them.

With over 3.2 billion mobile devices being used every single day, this is a medium to consider for advertising!

MOOH – Mobile Out Of Home WiFi advertising.

This new concept is used in large footfall areas such as airports, ferry terminals, train stations and hotels. The principle is rather basic; mobile users view an ad in exchange for complimentary internet access. This allows brands to target the mobile users through this medium. These work on both Android and Apple operating systems.

Mobile out of home advertising.

This is literary! Displays are either worn, or placed on bicycles that display ads and promote products and services in a preset area. The restrictions are down to the battery life for the work hardware and if power can be connected to the cycle solution.

Usually the displays are not sunlight readable, so on a bright day the screens can be unreadable, resulting in a failed advertising campaign.

Other types of mobile out of home advertising is using an LED panel built onto a van or truck body.

Mobile out of home advertising – the fast growing sector.

mobile out of home

Mobile advertising using QR codes are increasing in use, people scan the QR code after seeing the promotion from the advertising company and are redirected to a web page with either a special offer or discount page. They can then redeem the discount at the advertisers premises.

Now with restaurants using this type of advertising, it is one of the fastest growing methods of MOOH (Mobile Out Of Home) advertising.

Checking if your MOOH has an ROI.

One way is for an outlet, in the example we will use a restaurant. Scans the discount page QR code at the counter top whilst the POS system processes the payment. This way the managers of the franchise can monitor how their advertising buck is working, which campaign is working and which is not. Allowing the outlet to maximize profit.

Reports can be created, on who scanned the QR code, who redeemed it and even an opportunity to re market the brand to people who scanned the QR code and did not redeem the discount. A retailer can also see who has shared the discount voucher on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Out of home advertising is here to stay, as can be seen on Wikipedia with MOOH (Mobile Out Of Home) advertising increasing fast.