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LED video wall – from Hollywood to New York Churches

Applications for an LED video wall.

Ever wondered who uses an LED video wall and why? Well let us share some information with you on the LED video wall market. More information can be seen at http://www.digitalsignagetoday.com/topics/led-signs/

Do you know what an LED video wall is?

racecourse led video wall

You may have seen the signs at the gas station, giving the price of the fuel, these are LED signs, yet no as sophisticated as an LED video wall. Usually at a gas station they are one color normally red or green. They provide information and this is where the similarities end!

A video wall using LED panels are constructed in elements of the colors, pitched evenly over a panel that measures, just short of 3 feet square. The pitch between the clusters of LED’s is called pitch and this dictates the clarity of the image close up (within 6 feet) and how far away the image can be seen clearly. Normally, a low number means the advertising wall is better. The number is preceded with the letter P, for Pitch. These range from P3 to P20.

Who uses these video walls and why?

You can see these LED video walls almost on every corner, but have you really noticed them? The fact is they do blend into their surroundings if that is what the clients wants and then it is up to the content to grab the viewer’s attention.
Church LED video walls – these are deployed to provide the community with event updates within the house of worship, they also provide information on mile stones of people from the congregation, this may be a special birthday, or wedding anniversary. One real winner is to keep everyone informed of a fund raising event, so the congregation and the community can see how much the house of worship has raised for the good cause.

Entertainment video walls – organizations such as Madame Tussaud’s are deploying LED video walls on the Hollywood location, to give a sneak peak of what the exhibition holds inside. This in turn boosts the number of visitors and tourist through the door and increases profit.

The LED video wall does not have to be in static location, it can be mounted on the rear of a truck and used in highly congested areas at peak times and so the digital advertising gets as many viewers as possible. This is something banks are using to promote lower cost mortgages and savings accounts. They are even used on the side of buses, to provide an income stream for the bus company, by advertising local attractions in destinations such as Florida that have high tourist numbers.

LED video wall in trailer


This could be the restrictive part! With many solutions on the market, a typical price for an LED video wall that is 3 feet high by 6 feet wide is around $3500, but bearing in mind that the ads alone used to supplement the investment will pay for the hardware in 2 or 3 months. With an extra income stream every month following the ROI, that is 100% profit.

Now you know what to look for and consider when choosing an LED video wall solution.