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LED Signs Used By Fast Food Outlets and In the Pews

LED signs for outdoor advertising.

LED signs are not limited to large budget, this technology is rather affordable. So much so these are being used in fast food restaurants and house of worship digital signage to provide outdoor digital signage.

LED signs

Fast food LED signs.

New York’s Times Square saw Buffalo Wild Wings open a restaurant recently. Here they are using LED signs to improve brand awareness, as well as advertising special deals and up selling consumers. Buffalo Wild Wings are now set to rock Times Square with their digital signage LED sign.

House of worship LED Signs.

Religious organizations are also using outdoor LED signs, these are used to inform the community throughout the day, so parishioners can see if their fundraising efforts are hitting the target. Not just used to promote giving, these outdoor LED signs are used to promote baptisms, weddings and even used to highlight the life of a recently departed member of the congregation.

So what hardware is needed.

An LED sign is made of up of panels that are 3 feet square, each panel depending on the specification is categorized in P, the letter P stands for pixels. So a P6 has pixels at 6mm or ¼” centers, a P10 has pixels at 10mm or 3/8” canters and so on up to P30. However the issue is anything over P10 will result in a poor sign with a slightly blurred image, when viewed from a distance of 5 feet or more. This is one of the problems that people face, as they compromise on the quality of the image to price. Yet, today the price of LED signs has fallen due to P3 panels being launched.

The panels are configured in a frame to create the size of panel size the user requires. Then once the installation is set up in the frame, cables for power and data are then run from the outdoor LED sign to an office inside the building, this can be the fast food outlet or the Church.

Screen Processor.

Now, when you have seen these large screens before, you will notice that they can be split into separate zones, this is done through the screen processor, this in one part that many cut corners, yet this is the hardware than can take your content and create awesome content!

The processor is the brains behind the LED screen, it can create screen within screens or the advertiser can use the massive video wall to promote their product.

Budgetary cost for LED signs.

People see these solutions and presume they are out of their price range; yet these are one of the most affordable solutions. With a 6 feet by 3 feet outdoor LED video wall complete with a processor and all the relevant accessories would run any organization at $3,000. A P6 screen for the same size would cost around $5,000, but remember if you resell space on the processor you can pull back return on investment in less than 2 months, creating an additional income stream.

We hope these points have helped provide some insight into LED signs.