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Indoor digital signage increases brand awareness

Indoor digital signage solutions.

Digital advertising is popular for businesses that are looking to increase their brand awareness. Indoor digital signage builds customer confidence in the band and builds brand loyalty.

What can indoor digital signage do?

The electronic signage is used to promote a brand, it can also be used to inform brand conscious consumers of a new product launch and so they can get on the pre-launch list and be one of the first to buy the “must have” item.

They can be used to test the water for a new colour scheme, so little if any overstock mistakes are made. Even before the item has gone into production, which saves time and financial investment.

Indoor digital signage hardware can be used to provide a global launch, so a band may launch a new product across the world stores on the same day, as soon as the store opens, no matter what time zone it is in. This way they have the upper hand against their competition, from launching a competing product.

Indoor digital signage solutions available.

Interactive digital signage, these touch screen kiosks are used in digital advertising as the front line for market research. These units have a built in small PC that records what the consumer enters into the screen, by touching the infra-red touch screen. Screen sizes are from 40” to 65” and in portrait with small units having screens up to 50” in landscape position; these are used for disability compliant areas.

indoor digital signage touchscreen

Free standing indoor digital signage hardware is a kiosk without the touch screen. This works by displaying commercials at intervals, which are preset within the menu of the media player. These can be found mainly in portrait with screen sizes from 32” to 80”. The options are then if you require a cloud based solution or a standalone solution. This then dictates what ad player you require within the solution.

Wall mounted digital posters, these are a screen with a built in advert player, again depending if the advertising media is going to be updated using the cloud or manually, will depend on which advertising player is integrated into the screen. These screens come in sizes from 17” to 80”, again you can have interactive screens if you require.

wallmounted indoor digital signageTransparent digital signage is usually seen at prestigious locations, when an expensive item needs to be viewed yet protected from theft. This could be something like a Rolex watch or Cartier diamond bracelet. The units is completely see through at the front and sides with digital advertising shown on the rear wall.

Cost of digital signage indoors varies.

Depending on which type of indoor digital signage solution you require and what whistle and bells are needed will establish the price tag. Wall mounted units run from less than $1000 to an 82” indoor unit being priced at US$22,799 that is controlled remotely using the cloud with an interactive screen.

Now you have the data to make an informed decision on what you need to make your indoor digital signage campaign a success.