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Income streams from electronic digital signage systems.

Digital signage systems profits.

The main two categories that digital signage systems come in are either a standalone or networked version, using both can create profitable income streams, read on to discover more.

Interactive digital signage systems.

Usually the networked version then can be split down to interactive or sometimes referred too as touch screens, or non touch displays. This allows consumers to engage further with the electronic signage hardware. So if a female shopping is searching for a blue dress, she could in effect search
all the stores in a shopping mall to check what stock they had right there and then. Making an immediate purchasing decision.

Wall or free standing digital signage systems.

wall mounted digital signage systemsDepending on the space and location, you have the choice of either a floor standing or wall mounted digital sign. Normally s hopping malls deploy a mix of both types and have the screen in portrait, this makes people notice the ads, otherwise they just think they are TV sets and nothing special, reducing the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

floor standing digital signage systems

Now we have the basics out the way, we can concentrate on building an extra income stream from the digital signage systems.

Profitable income streams.

We will look at an all in one solution with a screen of 46″, mounted in portrait this is best as with all ads to be I n a high footfall location. If you have a concession in a mall you may be able to have other products you sell advertised on the electronic sign, so people can see them and ask you questions about them. If you had a cloud based solution (networked), you could have it linked to
your eCommerce site so they can order direct and either collect it or have it delivered.

Advertising other businesses services.

This is a rather lucrative opportunity, when done correctly! Most people fail due to one thing, lack of research. So the best thing we could recommend is to try and target local businesses who also pay for advertising, such as yellow book or yellow pages. This means that you will not be wasting your efforts on businesses who cannot see the benefit of advertising.

Create a list of say 200 prospects and contact them, have the displays already in the mall and you could even offer a profit split with the mall or location owner depending on footfall to sweeten the deal. If the product is right for the demographics that frequent the location, you are on a sure winner.

Pricing for the adverts on the digital signage systems does range from $175 to $499 per month, depending on the company’s prod it and duration of the ad.

If you have 2 advertising displays located for your solution, the Initial investment is in the region of $3000, now you off set this with the costs of the ads. If you get 53 committed business owners to advertise, at an average of $220, each month you will turnover $11,660. The advertisers supply,the content so you have no content creation issues, you just upload it. You could pay the mall management $1000 per month and as you can see from the first month, you have recouped your investment and are in profit. Then every month based on a 12 or 24 month contract, you are clearing in the region of $10,000 every month from this single location. Now imagine if you did this
at 4 locations? $40,000 profit per month.

There are many solutions for dynamic advertising, so check out the numerous digital signage systems.