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Discover The 3 Trade Tips That Will Increase Business Profit.

Increase business profit with digital signage.

So, the secret of a successful digital signage campaign is to discover the 3 trade tips that will increase business profit.

  • Digital Signage
  • Mobile Digital Signage
  • Outdoor Digital Signage

The digital signage industry is worth billions of dollars and encompasses every sector of business to customer, in a sales capacity. Whilst it attracts big investors it is equally suitable to the smaller retail enterprise. Because it is wide reaching, electronic, easy to set up, alter and update and is an eye catching method of promotion, it has found its way into our everyday lives. Sometimes we are hardly aware of the impact electronic advertising has, because it is all around us; from mobile or cell phone adverts, bus stations, hotel lobbies right through to medical receptions and government offices. Whether it is used solely for advertising purposes or information, (aka infomercials) interspersed with external adverts for merchandise, products and services. Check out what the BBC have to say.

business profit increase using digital signage

Could mobile digital signage increase your business profit?

Mobile digital advertising is a fairly new concept and is slowly, yet confidently being embraced. This category features vehicles with digital screens on the sides, and buses with video panels. It is commonplace for advertising to be featured as static images on moving vehicles, but this is the next leap in the evolution of digital technology. There are safety issues to consider and government transportation guidelines to adhere to, but it won’t be long before we see the latest trending ad on the road. An enterprising business can make a lot of money hiring students to walk around shopping malls, ‘wearing’ a mobile digital signage screen – like an old fashioned sandwich board. It’s an innovative media which is a very cost effective way of covering a large number of people in a large area. Apart from purchasing the mobile digital signage vest (screens front and/or back, with adjustable straps for the wearer) they can also be rented. Alternatively there is also a smaller clip-on screen; the size of a name badge, which can likewise be attached to a lanyard. These clever little wearable gadgets are wireless, battery powered and the content can be uploaded remotely. Generally, several small digital adverts would be run on a loop, with the content changing every few moments and are very effective.

One of the most common places for electronic ad billboards is outdoor digital signage. From the local recreation playground to a shopping mall; digital out of home or DOOH can be seen. It has many uses from the obvious advertising of services, trades or products, but is also invaluable for emergency evacuation, in the extreme possibility of a terrorist threat, natural disaster or other urgent safety escape route. It is reassuring to know a properly planned and up to date program can be monitored, or updated at the click of a button. With these digital screens being outdoors, they definitely need protection from theft, the natural elements of moisture or excessive heat and cold temperature and deliberate or accidental damage. There are many specialist companies in this industry, who are all pleased to offer advice and a competitive price for both the hardware and protective enclosures.

Let them assist your company, increase your business profit.