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Digital signage benefits for restaurants

Restaurant digital signage benefits.

Restaurant advertising is essential for success; this is why digital signage is paramount to any restaurant. Let us look at the solutions available.

Without advertising a business is dead?

Is this correct? Well think for a moment, for a new restaurant with no reputation how are they going to get people in their establishment? It is essential for the business owner to use any form of advertising, the most effective advertising is dynamic advertising. This is when clear images, videos and audio are used to provide an engaging visual experience. This in turns educates the consumers as to what food items are on the menu.

Different kinds of digital signage solutions for restaurants.

digital signage in restaurants

The typical digital advertising solution in a QSR is to have displays lined up above the food counter, so consumers can view the menu and see what specials are on offer that day. This solution is a digital menu board.

Tablet digital signage is yet a new solution, these are similar to electronic menu boards, but are located around the restaurant, so you can peruse the menu and then order it, usually in a waitress restaurant environment.

Benefits to restaurants.

Using digital advertising is proving to be a very important part of any restaurant’s advertising campaigns. Historically, the restaurant industry has used traditional printed menus, now the challenge here is that they can be very restrictive. You cannot promote specials unless you run a blackboard too, this is becoming very old fashioned and seems to be dying out.

Electronic signage allows the restaurant owners to promote local produce, whilst maximizing profit with the special meal deals. They also reduce costs as the content can be updated remotely or locally within seconds without additional costs, unlike printed menus.

Electronic menu boards engage with the consumer in the QSR and in turn increase turnover, as one restaurant tested this with 1 location using digital menu boards and another similar location using no electronic signage. An increase of 32% in sales was seen in the location with the digital menu boards!

Tablet digital signage.

tablet digital signage

Tablet digital signage is a relatively new concept; it starts when the customer enters the restaurant and is seated. They are handed a tablet that has the menu displayed on it along with brinks that complement the food, ensuring the dining experience is an enjoyable one. Once they make their choices, they can either kick back and chat or use the tablet to play 2 person games against the person they have come with.

Just before the meal is due to be served, their server approaches them and asks them to enter their email address, for future discount coupons, thus building a database of customers to market too. Then they instantly receive a free drink with their meal for providing their email address (once it has been verified, by the consumer clicking a verification link).

The meal is then served and when the diners have finished and go to pay, they are then given the opportunity to rate the restaurant. Another opportunity to collect emails or even use a Facebook page for the restaurant, to increase social media activity.

As you can see, there are several ways in which electronic signage can be used in restaurants. Any of these digital signage solution work.