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Digital projector sales set to soar

Digital Projectors and 4K!

With many digital projectors on the market and the introduction of 4K projectors, every manufacture including Sony and Christie are bringing out a high end solution. With over 195,000 digital projectors sold alone in India in 2013, the market it set to burst!

More and more businesses are waking up to the realization that they can use digital projectors outdoors to project their dynamic advertisements on their building, providing a a unique marketing concept.

Initially, Christie entered into the outdoor, commercial cinema area with their 4K projector; these are the beasts of projectors, with a price tag to match. The Christie Digital 129-004105-02 D4K35 3-chip DLP 4K Projector is priced at $114,750 and there are more expensive projectors from the same stable!

Is it too early to invest in 4K digital projectors?

digital projectors

When HD flat screen displays came out, they trended well, with people ordering them as soon as they had been released. The fact was, we had never seen an image as good as on HD, until now! 4k is more than twice the amount of pixels both horizontal and vertical pixels than a 1080P digital projector.

Well, the honest answer is yes! Let 4K develop and this will lower the prices for the other digital projectors, so manufacturers can sell the stock and then push the new line. This will in turn, allow most people who like to kick back with friends over a beer and watch outdoor TV, to install a good quality, high lumen projector in their backyard.

Taking the home cinema outdoors is the new thing to be doing. We saw flat panel displays installed in 2009 in backyards, now it is time for digital projectors

Potential problem.

One thing is for certain, if a projector is being deployed outside, some type of protection is required, to ensure the bulb lasts longer than it should, with 4K replacement bulbs costing as much as $1600. So you do not want to be replacing them every week.

We spoke to ProEnc (http://proencltd.com) who have been manufacturing outside projector enclosures and they have seen a large rise in orders, for their protective housing from countries such as Russia, Australia, Romania and America. Their outdoor, environmental projector enclosure allows anyone to put a projector out and leave it out all year, in all weathers. The unit has a special heating and cooling system that safeguards the bulb from prematurely failing, due to one of the following: the heat, cold or moisture.

They put this new rise in demand down to the market getting ready to launch the 4K solutions. Now is a time to grab yourself a bargain and get more affordable digital projectors.