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Creative Effects using Digital Projectors

Digital Projectors for advertising.

There are some amazing and diverse opportunities to use digital projectors both indoors and outside. In the UK, one of the most surreal displays was in the form of colored images projected onto Buckingham Palace, in London; home of the Queen and the Royal Family. This was during her 2012 Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, where an evening concert backdrop was displayed directly onto the front walls of the Palace, choreographed in time with the musicians and artists performing that night.

Many months of planning produced a spectacular scenic background, which added to the already electrifying atmosphere. Thousands of positive comments were made about the unique way of displaying the images and the internet was full of photographs about the event. Obviously it was a very popular platform for broadcasting images, so it has its place on our high street; particularly for brand marketing and reaching a wide audience.

Using big images from digital projectors.

We like BIG pictures – it’s like being in the cinema where clever technology is portraying 3D images onto building walls and surfaces, another example being Marble Arch in London. Wide screen digital projectors produces amazing results with clear images, striking colors and seamless visuals on a blank canvas. Virtually any surface is suitable; from a derelict building to a waterfall creates a magical scene. As technology increases and advances, projectors are getting smaller, yet with incredible brightness and clarity of the pictures.

digital projectors
Two points to consider are the length the image is to be projected across – the distance between the digital projectors lens and the surface and protection of the expensive hardware. Manufacturers will have the specifications for optimum distance for the planning of the operation. The obstacle you want to avoid is a distorted image because of distance from each piece of kit.

The second point is that of security and protection of the projector. There are several specialty, outdoor projector housings, made of high quality steel and powder coated for a sleek stylish look. It keeps the wet (British!) weather out, a thermostatically controlled heating an cooling system means it is adaptable for any location… Imagine a famous brand promotional campaign, ie. a perfume manufacturer or cola supplier, with their image projected onto a wall of ice in a cold store during a marketing event! The possibilities are endless….