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Cellular advertising using 3 and 4G

Cellular advertising – verge of something big?

cellular advertisingJust look around who is using a mobile device at any time of the day, this is why cellular advertising is on the verge of becoming big. With all ages using mobile devices to communicate the market is massive.

Airport advertising using 3 and 4G.

When you are at an airport and want to send emails before you board your plane, you usually have the option to use airport wireless networks. Sometimes you have to watch ads before you are actually connected, the advertising content is usually from one of the outlets in the airport, so depending on the time of day, it could be a restaurant using day parting to offer a discount meal – ideal for a no frills flight!

Once you are connected you can then send the emails, this is one way in which digital advertising is being utilized on 3 and 4G wireless networks.

Tablets are over selling laptops – why?

Well the simple reason is these have the same functionality of a laptop, they take up much less space in your travel bag and you can do everything other computer devices can do.

Technology is increasing and fast, remember when you get off a plane and you are waiting to be greeted with a taxi driver? Remember the tattered pieces of paper, with your name on them? Well on a recent business trip, I saw a taxi driver using a tablet device to display the party’s name he was collecting!

In previous months we have seen restaurants greet diners with tablet based menus, complete with a wine list.

Cellular advertising in bars and restaurants.

Watch out in the coming months for a digital jukebox, that customers get to choose the music that is played using their mobile device; this can be their smartphone or tablet. The customer picks the record form their own iTune library or music library on their cellular device.

Mom and pop stores using cellular advertising.

Many mom and pop stores who could not run to expensive large commercial grade displays, so they reverted to using tablets that had an internet connection, starting a trend themselves! These tablets could be used to direct the customer to the stores website so they could see the full range and order online and then collect in store. Many of the stores noticed that they increased their sales up to 15.7% per month, due to having special offers on the cellular tablets. Something they had tried on their website alone with minimal success.

The main reason for the success was that while people waited for their goods, they would browse the special offers and order 1 or 2 items whilst at the counter.

You can use anything from a small 7” tablet up to an Ipad, the only real requirement is that the device has either 3 or 4G connectivity.

Digital advertising is growing and in some sector’s hitting saturation, but a new sector to watch out for is cellular advertising.