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AV installers using outdoor projectors

AV installers now deploying outdoor home theaters.

Audio visual installers have a wide range of services, from installing indoor digital advertising displays in rugby stadiums to deploying outdoor projectors in bars, outdoors.

Audio visual engineers are specialist fitters of electronic components that are used to educate and entertain people, from schools with interactive whiteboard and projector installations. The environments that they work in could not be more different. From indoors in a controlled area such as a class room or board room to an outdoor environment that is open to the elements, such as an outdoor cinema. The hardware in any one of these applications can cost thousands of dollars, and if they became damaged due to the weather or physical attack, the audio visual company could be responsible in replacing the hardware at their expense.

Outdoor installations have comprised of prestigious projects in Great Britain, when the Queens Palace in London was illuminated with projectors, in the 2012 anniversary celebrations. Since then we have seen endless bars and clubs installing projectors outdoors with more and more installation businesses looking at solutions to protect the projector outdoors from the weather. As there are not many weatherproof projectors on the market that are available immediately, this is why weatherproof projector housing comes into place.

These are outdoor projector boxes designed to take various size of projectors up to 9000 lumen, these can be pole, ceiling or mounted from beams or even scaffolding poles.

Indoor installations are a little simpler, but when the hardware is placed in public areas, the hardware needs to have some type of protection, so no one can mess with the cables, it would not look well if someone got an electrical shock due to them messing with cables. The commercial grade screens need to be also protected, could you imagine the situation if a frustrated football fan threw a drink at the display and damaging the screen. Now using protective digital signage housings, prevents this happening. It provides a solid protective casing and stops anyone messing with the hardware and also protects the hardware from any physical attacks.

Cost effectiveness is essential in this time of financial restraint, so when people are looking at installing any hardware in an area that can be classed at potentially risky, hardware protection is needed.

Outdoor home cinemas are also increasing; people are valuing the time with the family, when we are not working. This is why this kind of installation is increasing, people would rather spend money and have an awesome backyard, so they can spend time with their family, either chilling in the pool, relaxing in the spa or just watching outdoor TV programs. Some homes are even having wood fired ovens installed, so the extended family can come over and spend a full day. The wood fired oven can be used to cook everything from brisket, ribs to pizzas and bear can chicken, this is awesome as more and more people value time with the ones they love, and look forward to family time at the weekend.

AV engineers are seen in educational facilities, outdoor venues and now you can expect to these engineers working in your neighbors back garden, so do not be alarmed. With the price of hardware falling, more installations will be seen in every neighborhood and more details on AV engineers can be seen at http://www.digitalsignagetoday.com/topics/installation-integration/