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Are you using DOOH Advertising for your business?

Discover what DOOH advertising can do for your business.

Are you struggling to achieve your sales targets or are you using DOOH advertising for your business, with successful results?

Don’t be left behind, whilst your competition is printing thousands of fliers, advertising their goods, you could be broadcasting multiple ad campaigns at directed people to the maximum results. Paper leaflets and posters date very quickly, whereas electronic digital signage is a state-of-the-art format, which can be quickly and easily – at the click of a button – updated or amended.

DOOH refers to digital out of home, meaning the advertising people see in public areas, like shopping malls, dental offices or entertainment venues, other than advertising viewed in the house, via a television or home personal computer. Screens, large and small can be found on our urban landscape with familiarity, so much so we readily accept them.

But it is not only the screen which instigates a successful advertising campaign, it is also additional gadgets and facilities like mobile charging points, USB flash drive, regular AC sockets and wireless recharging ports in free standing digital signage kiosks at transit stations. How can you not notice an ad campaign, as you plug in your flat battery electronic device? Providing a service to customers is just as important as broadcasting a commercial.

DOOH advertising for retailers.

DOOH advertisingAs a retailer you have many applications on which to focus your advertising campaign on, from a small POP LED or LCD screen, to a large screen wall mounted plasma, through to the more unique surface of a vending machine or a transparent display box. Virtually anything is possible – any surface can project DOOH onto it, or have a screen hung from it – particularly indoors. Whether you use indoor or outdoor DOOH advertising will depend on the traffic; vehicle or foot. The best locations for digital signage where people congregate, fitness centers, education facilities, airports, museums, conferences, hotel lobbies and sporting venues.

The response to several survey about DOOH advertising has revealed some surprising facts. Apart from the obvious expectations of successful media advertising, people enjoy the different and magical experience the screens can bring. A demonstration was carried out in Hong Kong, where a Serengeti game reserve was streamed to a bus shelter on the street. A pin hole camera captured the surrounding city features; road, buildings, weather etc. and combined the two images onto one screen – the result was an amazing video of zebras stampeding down the Hong Kong street. So, if this magic can happen, can a customers image be combined with a thousand dollar dress and accessories, as a virtual changing room mirror, or can a home designer provide a bewitching realistic scene with your furniture and decoration and that new 80” HD tv you’ve always wanted! (Will it be enough to persuade your wife?)

There is no end to the possibilities of digital advertising – but are you using DOOH advertising for your business?