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Projectors and the 4K outdoor cinemas

Growth of projectors.

The history of the projector saw itself first in schools, as the old OHP, but with the introduction of projectors within cinemas, we have seen a better customer experience, with the projected image being almost life like.

A walk down memory lane.

If you are of a certain age you will remember the OHP (Over Head Projector), this was common in every classroom of every school across the country. But then the technology made a large jump forward and the projectors became smaller but more powerful.


In the 90’s we saw the main players who manufactured this type of hardware, making solutions for the office environment and then we saw a rise in projectors being used in boardrooms and conference rooms of major corporations across the world. If you did not embrace video conferencing using projectors your company as a dinosaur!

As the OHP died, it did not seem long until the High Definition hardware appears, these has been superseded in the past few years with the 4K hardware. This technology is much more superior to HD imagery, providing very clear and vivid colors.

2000 saw projectors being used in cinemas.

One of the main players in this sector as a global leader is Christie, their projectors are used in both indoor and outdoor cinemas and even government bodies use them for outdoor events.

Now when you go to a drive in movie, check the image quality of the movie and I am certain that you are in for a good experience, as more often than not, the hardware used will be from Christies. Then if the hardware is left outdoors it will more than likely be housed in a secure, weatherproof housing from ProEnc.

A projector from Christies can cost from $30,000 to $125,000, so if you had invested this kind of money in the hardware, you would want to protect it, this is why outdoor projector housings are used, as these protect the hardware from all the elements outside that can cause problems with electronics. The last thing you want is the projector to fail, due to the electronics becoming wet and then having to replace the projector with a new one because adequate protection was not used.

4K projectors

Is the future bright?

Sure it is, with most leading manufacturers looking at 16K technology for the next growth industry. When 16K is launched you will see a massive rush for 4K hardware as the prices will fall almost overnight, making it possible for the everyday guy to purchase the high end hardware associated with multimillion dollar corporations.

Remember to check out the images at the drive in next time and look for the projectors.

On vehicle digital signage gearing up

On vehicle digital signage solutions.

On vehicle digital signage is an area that is growing extremely fast, with many companies trying to offer a solution but failing. Discover the solutions that are working and working well.

Transit on vehicle digital signage.

As you can imagine taxi digital signage, in a major city such as Manhattan New York, can be very lucrative, for ad agencies selling space. One cell provider Verifone operates around 90 cabs in New York, sell the advertising space in blocks of 15 seconds, forming an advertising loop of 120 seconds. Once thing is certain, advertising on these will not be cheap!

Public bus and coach transportation has had many years’ experience selling printed ads that are mounted to the side of the vehicle, now using on vehicle digital signage, they can now offer digital advertising solutions.

With talk of vehicles such as paramedics, fire and police vehicles having on vehicle advertising solutions, this may be a step too far! Next we may be asking the Major of New York to wear a digital lapel sign!

Not many players in the market!

When seeking out an on vehicle digital signage solution provider, you will find they are thin on the ground. The reason is that not many providers have the experience or knowledge to provide a digital signage solution that will work in these extreme conditions.

For example the housing has to withstand all the weather conditions form scorching heat to freezing cold. It has also have incorporated in the design anti vibration mounts that prevent any damage to the internal hardware, such as the display and media player.

That brings us on to the displays, using a regular display is not good enough, it will fail almost immediately! The best solution is a sun bright display these come in brightness’s up to and including 10,000 candelas, that equates to 33 times the brightness of a home display.

These basic components form the base of the solution, if the screen fails or cannot be seen during the day, then the advertisers are not getting a fair return on their investment.

on vehicle digital signage

Bus digital signage.

These are usually constructed from LED video wall panels and depending on the location of use, the brightness can be turned up or down to combat the extreme brightness of the sun. Many organizations have tried and failed to provide a digital signage for vehicles, you may ask yourself why? Well mobile or on vehicle digital signage is said to worth an estimated $15 million by 2017, with the revenue earning potential of $63 million per anum.

Funding for vehicle mounted digital signage.

Another challenge is finding a fund manager to understand the innovative design and usage to fund the project, as the hardware can be costly, especially if are looking at 100 vehicles. There are a few of them out there, but we may touch on that in another article.

Get ready to spot the first on vehicle digital signage solution in your area.

Income streams from electronic digital signage systems.

Digital signage systems profits.

The main two categories that digital signage systems come in are either a standalone or networked version, using both can create profitable income streams, read on to discover more.

Interactive digital signage systems.

Usually the networked version then can be split down to interactive or sometimes referred too as touch screens, or non touch displays. This allows consumers to engage further with the electronic signage hardware. So if a female shopping is searching for a blue dress, she could in effect search
all the stores in a shopping mall to check what stock they had right there and then. Making an immediate purchasing decision.

Wall or free standing digital signage systems.

wall mounted digital signage systemsDepending on the space and location, you have the choice of either a floor standing or wall mounted digital sign. Normally s hopping malls deploy a mix of both types and have the screen in portrait, this makes people notice the ads, otherwise they just think they are TV sets and nothing special, reducing the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

floor standing digital signage systems

Now we have the basics out the way, we can concentrate on building an extra income stream from the digital signage systems.

Profitable income streams.

We will look at an all in one solution with a screen of 46″, mounted in portrait this is best as with all ads to be I n a high footfall location. If you have a concession in a mall you may be able to have other products you sell advertised on the electronic sign, so people can see them and ask you questions about them. If you had a cloud based solution (networked), you could have it linked to
your eCommerce site so they can order direct and either collect it or have it delivered.

Advertising other businesses services.

This is a rather lucrative opportunity, when done correctly! Most people fail due to one thing, lack of research. So the best thing we could recommend is to try and target local businesses who also pay for advertising, such as yellow book or yellow pages. This means that you will not be wasting your efforts on businesses who cannot see the benefit of advertising.

Create a list of say 200 prospects and contact them, have the displays already in the mall and you could even offer a profit split with the mall or location owner depending on footfall to sweeten the deal. If the product is right for the demographics that frequent the location, you are on a sure winner.

Pricing for the adverts on the digital signage systems does range from $175 to $499 per month, depending on the company’s prod it and duration of the ad.

If you have 2 advertising displays located for your solution, the Initial investment is in the region of $3000, now you off set this with the costs of the ads. If you get 53 committed business owners to advertise, at an average of $220, each month you will turnover $11,660. The advertisers supply,the content so you have no content creation issues, you just upload it. You could pay the mall management $1000 per month and as you can see from the first month, you have recouped your investment and are in profit. Then every month based on a 12 or 24 month contract, you are clearing in the region of $10,000 every month from this single location. Now imagine if you did this
at 4 locations? $40,000 profit per month.

There are many solutions for dynamic advertising, so check out the numerous digital signage systems.

The Rise Of London Digital Signage Successes

London digital signage expansion.

Since 2011, we saw a huge introduction to electronic signage, 3 years on the expansion of London digital signage successes are to be seen everywhere. From small stores, through to the world famous West-field Shopping center, digital advertising is everywhere in on top off buildings!

What digital signage examples, can you see in London?

Almost all the well-heeled hotels have some form of electronic signage, from the Hilton hotel chain to the world renowned Intercontinental Hotel Group. These two examples have been the two main factors in London hotel digital signage, both chains have invested in interactive and wall mounted digital signage, giving anyone who visits their hotels an excellent guest experience.

One question, you have to ask, when you are in England’s capital, is how will London digital signage expand in the coming years, it does seem to be nearing saturation point.

London digital signage – retail examples.

London digital signage

Several clothing designs have used digital advertising to engage with consumers and built their brand. These includes Tommy Hilfiger stores that have an interactive adverting window, that people can check stock when the store is closed, order it and collect it the next morning! We have even seen 24 x 7 launderettes use digital signage in London. The laundry management decided that as they offered a 24 x 7 service, they would use digital signage in the window to attract clients when the store door was locked. While people worked behind the scenes to ensure that garments are ready in the 1 hour service window.

Letting agents in London use window based displays to display the properties on their books, which they rent out. This is a growing sector for London digital signage, the ads are looped around.

Tourist attraction signage.

This ranges from Madame Tussaud’s to the Stage Coach buses that travel London, the buses display ads on small screens for local businesses, so when you jump off the bus to investigate an area of London as part of your tour, you are shown outlets that are advertising for the next area to visit.
This can be in the form of QR codes, so they can be scanned by high end cell phones, when the link opens it takes the tourist to a discount coupon page, allowing the tourists money go further.

The Olympic legacy.

Before the 2012 Olympics in London, the Stratford area of London underwent a major regeneration, now this is the center of most of London digital signage, with almost every bar and restaurant having some kind of electronic sign used to promote their food or drink offerings. Even small coffee shops are deploying digital signage in London, it seems to know no bounds.

So from the regeneration of London for the Olympics, the catalyst began and still continues to expand what is known as the London digital signage phenomena.

Digital Signage Leasing And Rental The Tax Break

Digital signage leasing – cheaper than buying.

Digital signage leasing is one of the more affordable solutions, as is rental when compared to purchasing digital signage hardware. Using these tax efficient methods of acquiring digital signage hardware is one of the closely guarded secrets.

digital signage leasing

Do you know this type of company?

Do you have a competitor who changes their advertising hardware every 18 to 24 months? Are they constantly updating their digital signage hardware? If this is the case, you can be guaranteed that the company is using one of the secrets within the digital advertising industry and that is to use a digital signage leasing company, as reported by Digital Signage Systems Limited.

Why consider digital signage leasing?

As you can appreciate, constantly updating and changing the electronic signage hardware is both time consuming and expensive. What would your competitors do with the old signs that have just been replaced? Well the plain truth is that digital signage leasing companies will normally take old hardware away and dispose of it, selling the old hardware to company that usually reselling it or hiring the hardware out.

Digital signage leasing puts the buyer in charge so they can control what hardware is used, keeping an eye on the ROI, once the hardware as paid for its self, plans can be made for other locations.

Leasing the digital advertising hardware provides a flexible solution, the customer may thing a screen size of 26” is large enough for their use, but by renting a unit realize that the screen size does not give enough impact to the marketing campaign, so they can then change the hardware with a simple change in the hire agreement. Once the client has decided on a larger size and is comfortable with the solution, they can then re-connect with the digital signage leasing company and lease the hardware.

Hardware leasing is more tax efficient for most businesses, but it is best to consult your tax adviser.

Digital Signage Agency.

If you are thinking of starting your own digital advertising agency, leasing the hardware is a sure way of starting out. You could lease 1 unit in a prime location then promote the advertising spots to the local business owners. It is not uncommon for advertising agencies to charge from $250 for a 30 second ad on a digital kiosk, whilst the media player will store in excess of 700 adverts of 30 second length. Now for a second, if you calculate that leasing the hardware will cost you $219 per month over a 24 month lease, and you have sold 100 30 second ads, but the real truth is that some, (not all) will upgrade to a longer length commercial.

To recap, 100 advertisers buy a single 30 second advertising spot at $250, the advertisers supply the media for the advertising campaign. So the turnover is $250 x 100 = $25,000 per month in sales. Your outgoings are $219 per kiosk, so if you had 3 in position the total cost for leasing the digital signage is $659, not forgetting the electricity or internet connection, so if we rounded it up to $1000 per month for outgoings you ought to be covered. This gives a profit per month of $24,000 and that is without anyone upgrading! Over a year, you stand to make $240,000 from this single location.

Many people ignore the options of affordable digital signage, will you now overlook digital signage leasing?

Are you using DOOH Advertising for your business?

Discover what DOOH advertising can do for your business.

Are you struggling to achieve your sales targets or are you using DOOH advertising for your business, with successful results?

Don’t be left behind, whilst your competition is printing thousands of fliers, advertising their goods, you could be broadcasting multiple ad campaigns at directed people to the maximum results. Paper leaflets and posters date very quickly, whereas electronic digital signage is a state-of-the-art format, which can be quickly and easily – at the click of a button – updated or amended.

DOOH refers to digital out of home, meaning the advertising people see in public areas, like shopping malls, dental offices or entertainment venues, other than advertising viewed in the house, via a television or home personal computer. Screens, large and small can be found on our urban landscape with familiarity, so much so we readily accept them.

But it is not only the screen which instigates a successful advertising campaign, it is also additional gadgets and facilities like mobile charging points, USB flash drive, regular AC sockets and wireless recharging ports in free standing digital signage kiosks at transit stations. How can you not notice an ad campaign, as you plug in your flat battery electronic device? Providing a service to customers is just as important as broadcasting a commercial.

DOOH advertising for retailers.

DOOH advertisingAs a retailer you have many applications on which to focus your advertising campaign on, from a small POP LED or LCD screen, to a large screen wall mounted plasma, through to the more unique surface of a vending machine or a transparent display box. Virtually anything is possible – any surface can project DOOH onto it, or have a screen hung from it – particularly indoors. Whether you use indoor or outdoor DOOH advertising will depend on the traffic; vehicle or foot. The best locations for digital signage where people congregate, fitness centers, education facilities, airports, museums, conferences, hotel lobbies and sporting venues.

The response to several survey about DOOH advertising has revealed some surprising facts. Apart from the obvious expectations of successful media advertising, people enjoy the different and magical experience the screens can bring. A demonstration was carried out in Hong Kong, where a Serengeti game reserve was streamed to a bus shelter on the street. A pin hole camera captured the surrounding city features; road, buildings, weather etc. and combined the two images onto one screen – the result was an amazing video of zebras stampeding down the Hong Kong street. So, if this magic can happen, can a customers image be combined with a thousand dollar dress and accessories, as a virtual changing room mirror, or can a home designer provide a bewitching realistic scene with your furniture and decoration and that new 80” HD tv you’ve always wanted! (Will it be enough to persuade your wife?)

There is no end to the possibilities of digital advertising – but are you using DOOH advertising for your business?

Sunlight Readable Screen Enclosures for year round protection.

Sunlight readable screen enclosures, why?

When digital signage is deployed outdoors in bright sunlight, sunlight readable screen enclosures are required to protect the display from failing.

Is this a new fad?

Well if you insist on replacing damaged displays due to them failing a fad, yes it is. What you have to realize is that sunlight readable screen enclosures are there to provide the front line protection for the hardware, accommodated inside.

These protective kiosks, provide the protection from vandalism and theft, so the hardware can run in extreme locations, when the temperature hits a high of 140 degrees Fahrenheit, you have to think of LCD Enclosure Solutions Inc who specialize in manufacturing these outdoor digital signage kiosks.

What do sunlight readable screen enclosures do?

Simply, these outdoor high bright screen totems, ensure that the screen can be seen in high bright locations were the footfall is high. Normal commercial grade screens blacken with prolonged use in direct sunlight; this is when high bright screens are used. These screens such as the ones manufactured by Dynascan have brightness up to 5,000 candelas. That is 12 times brighter than a domestic grade TV display. If you have ever taken a laptop outdoors to work on and struggled to see the screen, this is the problem that sunlight readable screen enclosures solve.

Who needs this type of outdoor digital signage?

Most Quick Serve Restaurants use outdoor advertising screens in their drive thru area, is one high demand industry along with open shopping malls that have a center courtyard.

So any business that has a need to deploy outdoor digital signage displays in direct sunlight; most applications for digital signage come in to this area.
Have you ever been to a location and could not see the display due to the lack of brightness from the display? If you have encountered this, the wrong type of screen has been used and it will only be a matter of a few months before the screen fails completely.

sunlight readable screen enclosures

What makes a sunlight readable screen different?

These displays have a much greater brightness, as much as 12 times the normal domestic TV brightness. But these do put out some heat and have their own cooling system built in, this is why when considering a sunlight readable enclosure, you need to consider one with an air conditioning unit as these provide all the cooling and heating control required to deal with the extreme conditions.

The next thing to consider is how they are to be fixed to the floor; ideally you need to bolt them with at least 10 bolts, to ensure the kiosk can’t be pulled over by vandals or vehicles trying to steal them.

Without a screen the outdoor advertising solution is dead in the water, as the key is to have the content shown to consumers, if they cannot see the screen the ads are not working, this is the reason for sunlight readable screen enclosures.

These protective housings are fitted with anti reflective windows to reduce the glare and the high brightness screens do the rest. Make sure when deciding on a solution that the displays have a gap of around 2″ otherwise the heat between the sunlight readable screen enclosure and the display with have a heat problem. Also if someone throws something at the window, the flex in the window may damage the screens surface. Selecting the correct sunlight readable screen enclosures stops all the above problems.

When you out enjoying the sun, look around to see if you can see any sunlight readable screen enclosures.

Cellular advertising using 3 and 4G

Cellular advertising – verge of something big?

cellular advertisingJust look around who is using a mobile device at any time of the day, this is why cellular advertising is on the verge of becoming big. With all ages using mobile devices to communicate the market is massive.

Airport advertising using 3 and 4G.

When you are at an airport and want to send emails before you board your plane, you usually have the option to use airport wireless networks. Sometimes you have to watch ads before you are actually connected, the advertising content is usually from one of the outlets in the airport, so depending on the time of day, it could be a restaurant using day parting to offer a discount meal – ideal for a no frills flight!

Once you are connected you can then send the emails, this is one way in which digital advertising is being utilized on 3 and 4G wireless networks.

Tablets are over selling laptops – why?

Well the simple reason is these have the same functionality of a laptop, they take up much less space in your travel bag and you can do everything other computer devices can do.

Technology is increasing and fast, remember when you get off a plane and you are waiting to be greeted with a taxi driver? Remember the tattered pieces of paper, with your name on them? Well on a recent business trip, I saw a taxi driver using a tablet device to display the party’s name he was collecting!

In previous months we have seen restaurants greet diners with tablet based menus, complete with a wine list.

Cellular advertising in bars and restaurants.

Watch out in the coming months for a digital jukebox, that customers get to choose the music that is played using their mobile device; this can be their smartphone or tablet. The customer picks the record form their own iTune library or music library on their cellular device.

Mom and pop stores using cellular advertising.

Many mom and pop stores who could not run to expensive large commercial grade displays, so they reverted to using tablets that had an internet connection, starting a trend themselves! These tablets could be used to direct the customer to the stores website so they could see the full range and order online and then collect in store. Many of the stores noticed that they increased their sales up to 15.7% per month, due to having special offers on the cellular tablets. Something they had tried on their website alone with minimal success.

The main reason for the success was that while people waited for their goods, they would browse the special offers and order 1 or 2 items whilst at the counter.

You can use anything from a small 7” tablet up to an Ipad, the only real requirement is that the device has either 3 or 4G connectivity.

Digital advertising is growing and in some sector’s hitting saturation, but a new sector to watch out for is cellular advertising.

Discover The 3 Trade Tips That Will Increase Business Profit.

Increase business profit with digital signage.

So, the secret of a successful digital signage campaign is to discover the 3 trade tips that will increase business profit.

  • Digital Signage
  • Mobile Digital Signage
  • Outdoor Digital Signage

The digital signage industry is worth billions of dollars and encompasses every sector of business to customer, in a sales capacity. Whilst it attracts big investors it is equally suitable to the smaller retail enterprise. Because it is wide reaching, electronic, easy to set up, alter and update and is an eye catching method of promotion, it has found its way into our everyday lives. Sometimes we are hardly aware of the impact electronic advertising has, because it is all around us; from mobile or cell phone adverts, bus stations, hotel lobbies right through to medical receptions and government offices. Whether it is used solely for advertising purposes or information, (aka infomercials) interspersed with external adverts for merchandise, products and services. Check out what the BBC have to say.

business profit increase using digital signage

Could mobile digital signage increase your business profit?

Mobile digital advertising is a fairly new concept and is slowly, yet confidently being embraced. This category features vehicles with digital screens on the sides, and buses with video panels. It is commonplace for advertising to be featured as static images on moving vehicles, but this is the next leap in the evolution of digital technology. There are safety issues to consider and government transportation guidelines to adhere to, but it won’t be long before we see the latest trending ad on the road. An enterprising business can make a lot of money hiring students to walk around shopping malls, ‘wearing’ a mobile digital signage screen – like an old fashioned sandwich board. It’s an innovative media which is a very cost effective way of covering a large number of people in a large area. Apart from purchasing the mobile digital signage vest (screens front and/or back, with adjustable straps for the wearer) they can also be rented. Alternatively there is also a smaller clip-on screen; the size of a name badge, which can likewise be attached to a lanyard. These clever little wearable gadgets are wireless, battery powered and the content can be uploaded remotely. Generally, several small digital adverts would be run on a loop, with the content changing every few moments and are very effective.

One of the most common places for electronic ad billboards is outdoor digital signage. From the local recreation playground to a shopping mall; digital out of home or DOOH can be seen. It has many uses from the obvious advertising of services, trades or products, but is also invaluable for emergency evacuation, in the extreme possibility of a terrorist threat, natural disaster or other urgent safety escape route. It is reassuring to know a properly planned and up to date program can be monitored, or updated at the click of a button. With these digital screens being outdoors, they definitely need protection from theft, the natural elements of moisture or excessive heat and cold temperature and deliberate or accidental damage. There are many specialist companies in this industry, who are all pleased to offer advice and a competitive price for both the hardware and protective enclosures.

Let them assist your company, increase your business profit.